Frequently Asked Questions

Who can read my private notes and files?

Quite simply: no one but you. Not us, not your ISP, not a hacker, and not a government agency. As long as you keep your password safe, and your password is reasonably strong, then you are the only person in the world with the ability to decrypt your notes.

How my notes and files are stored and synced ?

When you use any of the SNote applications, whether on your desktop or on your phone, any change you make is immediately encrypted on your device in a secure offline environment, then synced to your other devices, where it is then decrypted in the same secure environment. This means the actual plain text contents of your notes and files never leave your devices, and are thus incapable of being intercepted or read by anyone else.

Which encryption algorithms are used ?

When you create SNote account, RSA 2048-bit private key is locally generated on your device. Your private key is encrypted locally using 800,100 iterations PBKDF2 with your email and password used for salting and hashing. SNote uses a unique AES-GCM 256-bit encryption key to encrypt each note. Your unique keys are encrypted locally using your private key.

Can I trust it?

The source code of SNote secure enclave encryption is available on github. This enables interested parties to examine the code for security and correctness. All core cryptography is done using the standard and robust Web Crypto API.

How can I delete my account and data

You have full control over your privacy and data. Within the app open the main menu (SNote logo) > select “Settings” > “Delete Account” and follow instructions. If you have any issues you can contact us.